More Vesperia Reviews/Updates + Site Updates~

AND the reviews for Vesperia keep coming. I've played it a bit myself, and I have to say, this is THE (emphasis on the THE) best Tales game ever.Anyway, a review from RPGamer gave it a 4/5, while this video review from GameTrailers gave it an awesome 8.8/10! Speaking of Vesperia, the Japanese ToV blog has been updated with a few battle videos. Also, the Japanese Official Complete Guide will be released sometime this month.

As for the site updates, to those who went to the slightly changed Videos Page, you'll notice that the icon for the "Non-Tales Videos" is Minato/the protagonist of Persona 3. And you've guessed it, the section is open, with a bunch of Persona 3 videos (still incomplete, as there are a lot of them to be uploaded. I mean, a LOT, including P3:FES videos), as well as the intros from games I have here, like Ar tonelico 2 and Disgaea 2. Still to be added are the intros/videos from Ar tonelico 1, Atelier Iris 2-3, Suikoden Series, Baroque, Wild ARMs 3-5, and uhh, -checks-, pretty much every RPG I have here, except the SquareEnix ones. They're close to impossible to rip. Take note that videos in the Non-Tales Videos section are never to be uploaded to our YouTube channel, and we have no intention of reformatting them to WMV, unless a reasonable number of people request them to be.

And lastly, I know some of you have noticed the [ick] quality of our ToS-KoR opening videos. That problem has been fixed, so if you guys try to redownload the video again, the video is now of higher quality, at a 704x400 resolution.

I've checked our current videos up (not counting from Innocence onwards), and I've noticed that the quality of more than half of them is also ... [ick]. So, I'm planning to re-encode a bunch of these videos. But that's not my top priority as of the moment. Also, the opening of Tales of Vesperia has been added to the ToV Video Download Page. The AVI comes in three types, dual audio (Jap/Eng), Japanese, and English. The WMV (to be added later) ones will only come in one Jap and one Eng.

Next up? The rest of the Tales of Vesperia cutscenes bigsmile.gif. These will take me quite some time however, as the files take long to encode, and since they're quite big (1280 res >_<) they take time to upload to Mediafire.

Trying to make up for that stupid post below. I'm sorry >_<. But yes, I'm THAT desperate T_T. But I'm gonna stop that now, to be fair to everyone. I'm sorry ._. Thanks to those who joined the Brigade though. <3.

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