New RM2 Character Videos + Opening/Ending Theme Confirmations

The Characters Section of the Radiant Mythology 2 Official Site has been updated with three new character videos featuring Philia Felice/Phillis(Tales of Destiny), Eugene Gallardo (Tales of Rebirth), and Jade Curtiss(Tales of the Abyss).


Eugene is the only one with no Hi-Ougi. You can view them all in one video here.

They also updated the Special Section with info on the theme songs for the game. The opening theme will be "flyaway" and the ending theme will be "where is the future?". Both themes are by BACK-ON. The single has long been confirmed as an upcoming single by BACK-ON with a January 28, 2009 release some time ago, the info in fliers found in their previously released full album "YES!!!". There will be two versions of their CD, one normal version, and one Tales of version. The CD comes with cellphone ringtone serial number download, a Kanonno voice download (...?) and RM2 stickers. Additional content includes a Kanonno Earhart remix of flyaway and a BGM mix containing Abyss's "The edge of a decision."

As for site updates, we've updated the RM2 gallery with new HQ art and screenshots. Enjoy ^_^/

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