New Tales of the Abyss 3DS Character Videos & EU Release Date Confirmed

After a long, painful silence regarding the localizations of Abyss and Graces F, Namco Bandai's finally gracing us with information we've been waiting for so long for. Namco Bandai Games EU has just uploaded two new Tales of the Abyss 3DS character videos of Guy Cecil and Anise Tatlin. With them is the supposed release date of the game... well, for Europe anyway.

The release date being shown in the videos for Europe is November 25, 2011. Again, we have no concrete release date for the US release date yet.

[3DS] Tales of the Abyss - Gameplay Video - Guy Cecil

[3DS] Tales of the Abyss - Gameplay Video - Anise Tatlin
Together with this is 10 new screenshots of the game:

More here

Also, apologies if this is late. It's currently the hell weeks of Med school and, well, people's lives > video games.

Play-Asia has the US version up for pre-order.

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