New Info and Screens of ToS-R's Localization from IGN

Thanks to Nyanto from our own forums for the heads up, IGN Wii has just released an article focusing on the localization of Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk (a.k.a. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World). It includes new US gameplay screenshots, plus some more info from Minako Takahashi, the localization manager for the game. Click HERE to go directly to the article.

Aside from that, the coming of the PSP port for Tales of Rebirth is coming pretty soon (March 18th). It's confirmed that there will be new hi-ougi cutins for all of the characters, plus cut-ins for the villains, more back story on Eugene also. The Dramatic DVD preorder bonus has already been confirmed, containing a chat scene with the guys of ToR (Veigue, Mao, Eugene, Tytree, Milhaust, Saleh... Yes, Saleh <3), some video footage of the 2-day Jump Festa, a new trailer for Tales of Vesperia, and an actual Peach Pie recipe (O_o).

As for site updates, they're all here, in my (or should I say, the net cafe's) HD. I'll be putting them all up soon this Sunday. It'll include tons of new official art, fanmade art, avatars, signatures, wallpapers, comics, the new affiliates (I'M SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY), all the ToE the Animation episodes courtesy of kingforte (thank you~), updates for the Tales pages, character info for all the released characters of ToS-R so far, that ToI review and rating, and the ToDDC and ToV sections. And we're also thinking of putting up a new section for the fanbase, but it's still not sure if it'll be out within this weekend. Luckily, school has been a bit easy on me with the BS Biology students' acquaintance party, giving me a lot of excuse to be, um, excused from school XD~

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