New ToS-R Scans + New ToV Interview (Confirmed: XBox360 + US Localization)

Thanks to Kouli, 2 new scans have been revealed for Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk. Nothing much is revealed except for Dex's age (24) and the preorder bonus, which will be another Dramatic DVD.

And thanks to Phantasium from the GameFAQs Forums in this thread, a new Play Magazine interview revealed that Tales of Vesperia really will be for the Xbox360, AND that it will have a localization!! I myself am so excited about this that the first thing tomorrow, I'm going to drop by the bookstore and grab a copy of Play Magazine ^^; Aside from those things, it is confirmed that the hero's name will be Yuri, and the battle system will be an evolved system of TotA's FR-LMBS, called Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System. Click the full story to read the whole interview.

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