New RM2 EX Attack, The Strongest Mage! + Namdai Sites Merge + (NEW) Patty?

New EX Attack up. Started April 1 at 10:00 and will end at April 15 at around the same time.

As usual, the goal is 50 battles, this time as a Mage. Those who will make the top 100 will receive a Deck Brush (weapon) and aPumpkin Head (headgear). All participants will also receive a Mieu T-Shirt(armor), an SP Flag (headgear) and Suidama Socks (footwear) as presents.

New downloads have also been added, in celebration of Japan's start of school and flower viewing season (more screenshots can be found here):
Dango (weapon) Dango daikazoku~
~ Gym Clothes A (armor) - Male | Female
~ White Socks (footwear) - Male | Female
Date Glasses C (head accessory)

Namdai has also merged all of its external sites into Even if the old URL for the Tales Channel ( is still active, it will redirect you to the new URL, This is now the new URL of the Tales Channel.

As for yesterday, it seems the info on ToG, ToVS and ToV PS3 is genuine... so yes, rejoice (unless we receive a "gotcha muahahha" from Japan again soon >_>, but IGN and Gamespot have both considered the info legit, so maybe...) ~ And Happy April Fool's ^_^. I hope you all enjoyed my little prank. To be honest, the reason I did such was to see how people would react with the site's closing. And I'm really happy that a lot of you care so much for AC to actually almost cry about it. I really wanted to see who were loyal to AC, and I'm happy there are so many of you. And I'm happy for those who knew right away it was a joke (I mean, think about it, you guys really think I'd close the site without prior notice O_o?).

... Sadly, there will come a time when AC will have to close in the faarrr-offf future, unless I find someone responsible and crazy enough to handle AC.

UPDATE: mortimer09 from our forums found something very interesting. This can be seen inside the lighthouse at Torim Harbor.

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