New Tales of the Abyss Manga -- Tsuioku no Jade + New AMV of the Month~

Thanks to darkmark1987 for this info. According to Comic Natalie, a new manga adaptation for Tales of the Abyss will be published in Kadokawa Shoten's Asuka Magazine next issue this April 24th. The artist will be Ayumi Kano (a relatively new artist, not to be confused with the same Ayumi Kano who works on Sea View and Passionate Theory) together with Abyss's main writer, Takumi Miyajima. The full title is Tales of the Abyss -Tsuiko no Jade- (Jade of Reminiscence) and will be centered upon Jade Curtiss's history.

Yay ^_^.

TotA Ep26 Status (so please stop asking >_O): encoding, ETA tomorrow

And yes people, that previous Tales info from April 1 are all true.

UPDATE: And we also have a new AMV of the Month up~ This is our first ever 2-part AMV of the Month, and I guarantee it will make you laugh~

...And for the heck of it:


I'm so glad that the Tales Series has some influence in our country T_T

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