New Tales of Hearts Scans and Info~ + Any Jap Translators in the House?

New scans of Tales of Hearts up, courtesy of RyuHiroshi from the Tales Forums. They reveal a bit more info about the two previously announced characters, Beryl Benito and Kunzite.


Beryl Benito:
Age: 18 Years Old (O_O)
Height: 148 cm (that little box pointing to her height says that she claims she's actually 155 cm, and that she wants people to round it off to 160 cm =P)
Weight: 38 kg

Age: 2000 Years Old
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 77 kg (armor off)

In the scans are also the names and concept art of the characters' Soma. The Soma are in two types, as weapons and as a special piece of their armor. A part of the Soma that look like gems are called "Core Crystals." Part of these translations are courtesy of Rpgmonkey:

Asteria [ASUTERIA] - Shing's. Composed of Shing's sword and the armor he wears around his left arm.
Ell Rondo [ERURONDO] - Kohak's. Composed of Kohak's baton and and something that seems to be a ring.
Gale Arc [GEIRUAAKU] - Hisui's. Composed of his cross bow and an arm band.
Folseus [FORUSEUSU] - Innes'. Composed of her big blade and her boots.
Thiers [TIERU] - Beryl's. Composed of her paintbrush and her witch hat.
Vecks [VEKUSU] - Kunzite's. Composed of the sting-like part of his armor, and another part of it.

As for the translator. Is there anyone here who's willing to help out in our subbing of Tales of the Abyss? The staff for subbing is actually complete, but there are still a few issues regarding the translators' availability. If there's anyone there willing to help out on translations, please just comment here!

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