New Tales of the World: RM2 Scans!

Two new scans of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 from GamerKyo reveal new playable characters, a new character, plus two of the four new job classes (Dual Sword class and Monk class).


I'm not sure if the scan was cut or not, but this scan only shows two.

New character:
Panille [Romaji PANIIRU] Not too sure on this one, but he/she/it is a similar creature to Mormo and also flies around. From what I can make out from the scan, he/she/it is a somewhat laid back character.

So, the additional playable characters:
- Suzu Fujibayashi (Phantasia)
- Zelos Wilder (Symphonia)
- Farah Oersted (Eternia)
- Iria Animi (Innocence)
- Anise Tatlin (the Abyss)
- Mighty Kongman/Bruiser Khang (Destiny)

If you look closely on the lower right part of the second scan, it also reveals in a battle screenshot that Kanonno this time around is playable.

This other scan also lists the Tales of Series characters to be included. It doesn't, however, state whether these characters would be playable or not.

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