New Tales of Hearts Scans + (EDIT) Gallery Updates

We have two new magazine scans about Tales of Hearts, courtesy of Kouli from the Official Tales Forums.

It just shows the two new characters previously announced, only this time, they have their proper name spellings as well as statistics. It shows pretty clear images of the anime version too. EDITRpgmonkey just translated bits of the scan:

Innes Lorenz
Seiyuu: Itou Shizuka
Age: 24
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 54 kilos
A woman outside the norm with superhuman strength and a glamourous body. She is the manager of the transport shop "Every Day is a Peaceful Day" and is the sole employee of it too. She gently smiles but with no breaks in her speech and conduct. The Hearts siblings ask her for Soma, which for some reason she is handling.

Hisui Hearts
Seiyuu: Matsukaze Masaya
Age: 18
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Kohak's older brother. Because he lost a relative when he was young, he has a strong sense to excessively try to protect his younger sister. He has a rough outward appearance and acts cool, but inside he has a stubborn heart and is hot-headed.

Battle System:
Emotional Gauge: Consecutively using things like normal attacks and skills consumes this gauge. Finishing a series of actions will cause the gauge to automatically recover. Using the gauge a lot will increase the number of actions and decrease defense power. Using the gauge a little will cause the opposite. Also, the character's feelings will have an influenece on the gauge.

Combination Gauge: When in battle you can call someone to help a party member or other things, this gauge shows your trust of a party member. This gauge is consumed by using a non-battle party memeber for backup, this is called a "Connect Command". Calling for help will cause a backup character to come in and join together with someone to perform a combination attack.

I also forgot to post this, but the following info was mentioned in the Tales of Magazine according to Rpgmonkey:
~Playtime is about 35 hours
~The touch screen is used for shortcuts
~Story script will be 3 times that of Tales of Innocence.
~EDIT: Total of 9 elements in the game.

And as a little extra something for wallpaper, sig and icon makers out there, here's a little Yuri x Estelle render for you guys. Full view is your friend.

EDIT Aug 21, '08: The following albums in the gallery have just been completed:
|| ToS-R Opening Movie Screenshots
|| ToV Opening Movie Screenshots (starts at page 8, ends at page 18 )

Up next: ToI OP screenshots album, ToS-R Ending Credits Album, ToV Cutscene and Ending Credits Album.

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