New Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Screen Shots & Info

We have a big whole batch of screen shots and information today straight from 4Gamer and Dengeki Online.

First off are new screen shots of the new Gunman class. Indeed, the class uses artes similar to that of Iria Animi's. As we reported before, this class's Mystic Arte is X Buster. Also with the batch are shots of MeredyRaven,Cheria BarnesRicardo Soldato and Jay using their Mystic Artes. Meredy's MA is actually a summon of Shadow, while Cheria gets to use her second Blast Caliber in Tales of Graces, Innocent Garden. Jay's MA is ?????, while Ricardo and Raven get their known MAs, namelyEndless Tragedy and Blast Heart.

With the increase of characters included in the RM series, the Van Eltia had to undergo some changes to fit them all too. Not only do we have human characters, but mascot characters from the Tales games will also make an appearance. Starting of course, with Quickie, which is a given since Meredy's here. The Van Eltia shops will also be managed by an unexpected bunch: the item and tool shop under Coda's care (Tales of Innocence), the weapon shop under Oresoren Quppo's care, the armor shop under Pippo and the synthesis shop under Poppo (Tales of Legendia). The game also introduces the Synthesis System, which can either make items or power up existing ones.


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