New Tales of Xillia Scans - Interview With ufotable About The Openings

A few more Tales of Xillia scans have surfaced, showing a couple of new screenshots for the game's opening and an interview with ufotable, the company behind the game's anime scenes.


The first two scans contain the interview while the two latter ones are the full scans of the ones we posted here.

I can only make out bits of the interview, but here are some key points in their conversation:

- The original sketches for the OP animation were done by people in the company who love the Tales of Series.
- During the Tales of Festival when the opening(s) for the game were shown to the public, fans greeted it with increasing excited screams and yells.
- Hideo Baba commented that it's amazing how it's difficult to distinguish the CG parts from the anime drawn parts (see the commercial. In the part where Elise and Rowen show up, the grass around and the rock behind Elise are CG).
- Regarding having two openings. ufotable was actually taken aback when they were told that they had to make two openings, but it did seem like an interesting challenge, so they went on ahead with it.
- When approached by Namdai to create the anime scenes for Xillia, they initially asked "Are we really worthy to create the anime scenes for the 15th Anniversary title?!" to which Namdai replied, "Most certainly."

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