Radiant Mythology 2, Hearts, and Many More Updates...

... Since this post is pretty long, I'll go with a list of the news:

  ToV Perfect Guide Scans from fujitsubo
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2:
- The RM2 site has just been updated with five new videos. The first three, which you can watch here, shows Hi-Ougis for Kyle, Anise and Ruca. Thenext video shows customizing the character AI to your liking, with 5 orders to be given, and up to 40 orders to choose from (ToI's system). The last video shows how the previous customization affected a character's action in the game.
- Added art and such to the site's RM2 Gallery.

Tales of Hearts:
- The whole version of a scan showed before reveals the official name of the green-haired character: Richea Spodune.
- Here's a scan of the game's World Map. It seems the random encounters system has been established for the world map, but not so sure on the dungeons yet. Apparently, once you've already cleared a dungeon, you can just pass through it, unless of course the story requires you to come back there.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World:
GamesRadar review and rating. They gave the game a 6. It's strange, since the review has good feedback on the game...
- Added ToS-R scans from the July and August '08 issue of Nintendo Dream. Courtesy of Tales of Scans and Rena-chan.

Tales of Vesperia
- Added ToV art scans from the world guide booklet insert from Famitsu. Contains every single skit face of the characters. Also courtesy of Tales of Scans and Rena-chan.
- Added ToV Perfect Guide scans. courtesy of fujitsubo from the LJ Tales of Vesperia Community. Contains every single skit face of the characters, as well as every single Mystic Arte cut-in except the cameo battles'.

A big, big, biiigg thanks to the scanners for giving us their permission to post them up. Next news post in a few hours will be TotA episode 7. I apologize for the delay, school's been a killer recently...

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