New Tales of Xillia Scans on Link Mode Cut-ins and Long Chat Images

These three new magazine scans show more information regarding Link Mode and its cut-ins, as well as the Schall/Char siblings.


Whenever any moves using Link Mode are done (i.e. those that support characters or those that attack enemies), the gauge on the left is filled. The gauge itself has 1-5 levels, and gives specific artes depending on the level. Once it's filled, a Resonance Arte icon (upper part of the scan) appears on the character. Pressing the R2 button will trigger the Resonance Arte itself, and will make the two characters who are in Link Mode have cut-ins appear and perform the arte. Looking closely, the cut-ins are just the Fighting Chat illustrations, only it's focused on the characters' eyes. They remind me a bit of Tales of Legendia's cut-ins.


The other scan shows info on the two Schall/Char siblings. Klein is 24 years old and voiced by S?ichir? Hoshi, while his younger sister Droselle is 18 and voiced by Kozue Kamada. The last scan has a hilarious full body Long Chat illustration of Leia. The other characters also have a few new Long Chat images. This includes Jude (and Milla) in a thinking pose, Elise hanging her head in embarrassment, Rowen in a bowing pose with his right had on his left shoulder and Alvin having his hands in his pockets while showing a smile with his teeth out.

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