New Tales of Zestiria Scan - Sorey's Other Kamui Mode Fusions, Partner Change System and Normin

The latest issue of Jump Magazine finally reveals the other Kamui Mode fusions Sorey has with the other Divine characters, along with new field and battle features.

The magazine first introduces a new Partner Change System, which allows you to change your partner Divine at any given time, even from those who are not within the current battle.

  • Kamui Mode with Lailah - As seen before, fusion with Lailah allows Sorey to weild a giant sword that produces flames, allowing you to mow down the enemy with a single slash.
  • Kamui Mode with Mikleo - Allows Sorey to weild an elegant bow and arrow. It allows for long-ranges, even vertically, and lets you strike all enemies at once.
  • Kamui Mode with Edna - Allows Sorey incredible power with his fists. They're not just for hitting enemies, but also for making pillars of earth emerge from the ground to damage enemies.
  • Kamui Mode with Dezel - Allows Sorey to take to the air with wings made of swords. Enemies are at the mercy of tornadoes. After 3 combos, the swords transform into huge wings.

If you'll notice, the magazine also uses what seems to be the characters' status artwork.

The stuffed doll Normin we see on Edna is actually a doll of a Divine creature also called, well, Normin. Throughout the journey, the party will encounter these creatures. Helping them out will apparently grant some special benefits.

There's also a new (NPC?) character shown in the magazine, at the lower left. His name is Sergei (serugei, romanization not yet official), a leader of the knights from the Lowlance Empire. He apparently will be an enemy to Sorey and the rest?

Tales of Zestiria will be released in Japan, North America and Europe sometime in the future. Pre-orders are now available at the following shops:

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