New Tales of Zestiria Screenshots and Info - Zabida, Kamui Mode and New Areas

New Tales of Zestiria screenshots are now available, along with more info on Zabida, the Kamui mode in battle, new areas and more on the game's story. The information here is the same as the ones I should have translated from the Famitsu magazine article. My apologies for the delay.


Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda
Character Designer: Minoru Iwamoto
Height: 187cm
Weapon: ???

"Dragging the Hyoumas to Hell is my thing."

A Divine of the Wind who has been travelling alone hunting down the Hyoumas. His demeanor is elusive just like the wind, sometimes he's all talk, and he can be a frivolous guy who goes after girls, but in an instant, he can get serious. His fighting style and experience towers amongst the other Divine. He seems to enjoy fighting strong, formidable opponents, and he becomes an unstoppable, raging storm once he's in battle. In addition to having a fighting style is similar to Dezel, who is also a Divine of the Wind, he also possesses the weapon of someone named Siegfried who was killed by the Hyoumas. His objectives are unclear, but he will kill all Hyoumas without hesitation, and will even go against the Doushi/Priest for that.

Juushi - The Subordinates of the Priest

?? (Juushi)
- The Juushi are humans who are considered as subordinates of the Doushi/Priest and are there in his aid. Though they will not have the same spiritual powers as the Priest, their contract allows them to sense the Divine, as well as use Divine Artes in battle. In the game, Alicia becomes Slay's Juushi, which allows her to see the Divine. Ultimately though, this power is Slay's.

Kamui Mode

?? (Kamui)
- The Kamui mode is a form the Priest changes into with his contracted Divine with a ?? (Shinki, literally "sacred treasure") as a base. This is the ultimate fighting form of a human and a Divine whose powers match, and this is considered as the Priest's trump card which allows him to deliver powerful artes. Upon pulling a sacred sword, basically the Sacred Treasure under Lyla, Slay fuses with Lyla and is granted the power of flames, enough to burn down a whole army of Hyoumas.

- In battle, once in Kamui mode with Lyla, Slay's great sword goes beyond 2 meters, allowing a large range around him. The sword range can also reach 4 meters, as well.

New Areas

- The capital of the Lowlance Empire and the city with the largest population in all of the continent. It is located at the very heart of the continent, making it a center for trade. Within its huge walls lies the royal palace and some sacred ruins, with the place being several hundred years old since the Asgard Prosperity Age, technically making the entire place a huge historic ruin. In contrast to the magnificent buildings in Ladylake, the buildings in Pendroga are more simple and sturdy, denoting the Lowlance Empire's long history and tradition.

Parbarei Pastures
- The Greenwood Continent's largest granary which encompasses Pendrago. The area of the hills are used as grazing land, being called the "Empire's Food Warehouse." Though the people of Lowlance were supported with the abundance of crops, the recent Age of Disaster has brought forth prolonged rains, damaging the crops and decreasing the food supply.

Chat System

- Tales of Zestiria's chat system is similar to that found in Tales of Graces, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Destiny 2, featuring (almost) full-body skits. The skits also include cut-ins to provide more emotion.

In addition to the screenshots, an interview with Dennis Lee, the Global Brand Manager for Namco Bandai Games America has mentioned that "Tales of Zestiria will be released in the same year for Japan, North America and Europe." That's something to look forward to.

Tales of Zestiria will also be having monthly streams on Nico Nico Douga, with the first starting... tomorrow, June 20th. Each stream will apparently reveal more info about the game.

Tales of Zestiria will be released in Japan, North America and Europe sometime in the future. Pre-orders are now available at the following shops:

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