New Tales of Zestiria Screenshots - Lyla, New Areas and Battle Styles

Newly released screenshots of Tales of Zestiria focus on Lyla, the Divine of Fire, some new areas in the game and the game's battle system and character battle styles.

Lyla and Some Game Scenes

Lake Pillow Heights

A plateau that spreads around the base of the high mountain where the village of Izuchi where Slay lives is. Though its climate is quite chilly, the rapids and trees that flow down the mountain surface creates a lovely forest view. The strong rapids crossing down Lake Pillow reach toward a lake in the Capital of Lady Lake. Lake Pillow is the first place Slay and Mikulio will go on their journey in the lower world.

The Lady of the Lake Sanctuary

A place said to be protected by the Lady of the Lake, where a Holy Sword meant for a Priest is located but cannot be drawn by anyone. Lady Lake has been a place for worship for a religious group that worships the Priests and faith in the Divine. Here occurs an event called the Holy Sword Festival, where men who believe to have the valor of the Priest try to pull out the sword. Due to the chaos that has been going on in the world, the Holy Sword Festival has been put on hold, but thanks to Alicia's efforts, it'll be held once again this year. When Slay and Alicia get separated at Izuchi, Alicia recommends to Slay to participate in the Festival and to just visit the place.

Vivia Water Ruins

A ruin that spreads beneath Lady Lake, and has a different style and architecture as compared to the capital's current state. The place is like a complicated maze full of relics and ruins from the past, such as a mysterious device said to be hidden there. Some say the Highland Royal Family knows about it, but the truth is unknown.

Battle System

Mikulio's Fighting Style

Edna's Fighting Style

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