Tales of Luminaria New Update Adds Edouard and Maxime's First Episodes, Game Adjustments

Upcoming Luminaria update

Expected updates on the game today include a few adjustments based on player criticisms, plus the first episodes of Edouard and Maxime. Update seems to be live already in the Japanese version.

The launch for Tales of Luminaria hasn't exactly been... spectacular. A lot of criticisms were thrown at the game's gameplay, specifically the portrait mode being mandatory, confusions on the attack/move button, and the view of the game's camera. Upcoming Tales of Luminaria update 1.0.6 hopes to address these concerns gradually.

Before that, this November 10 PST, we now have the first episodes of Edouard from the Adventurers and Maxime from the Federation. Check out their information below:

Edouard Rouquier (エドワール・ルキエ, edowaado rukie)

  • CV: Jason Liebrecht (English); Shogo Sakata (Japanese)
  • Birthday: December 5th, 978 Year of the Creator
  • Weapon: Twin Blades
  • A young wanderer traveling the world after a government takeover forced him to leave the Miasui Icedom. The experience has given him an aura of apathy. While working as a mercenary, he meets Lydie and travels with her as her bodyguard, later joining Ana-Maria's party. Even with his off-putting personality, his innate good nature has not changed, and despite his complaining, he tends to put great effort into helping others.
  • Edouard: "Lydie, I need you to stay close so I can protect you."
    Lydie: "I'll try my best."
    Edouard: “…Do you understand what a bodyguard does?”

Maxime Hasselmans (マクシム・アセルマン, makushimu haseruman)

  • CV: Ricco Fajardo (English); Saito Souma (Japanese)
  • Birthday: December 21st, 980 Year of the Creator
  • Weapon: Bow
  • ''On the pride of the Hasselmans'' is this young scion's favorite phrase. He insists Lucien is his rival, but Lucien doesn't pay him much mind. Sometimes stuck-up and sometimes cowardly, he's often the butt of his underclassmen's teasing. But he's considerate of those around him and when the chips are down, he's got what it takes to do what must be done. He lives in the shadow of his talented older brother and dreads that his father expects nothing of him.
  • Maxime: "And you're?"
    Frightened girl: "...Disa."
    Maxime: "Why did you pick my pocket, Disa?"
    Disa: "They're all...dead. Only I...escaped the war..."

Adjustments to the game are as follows. Some of them are already live, while others will be adjusted eventually.

Adjustment of Attack Button Design

The Attack Button’s design was changed to make it easier to understand that it is used for both movement and attack. Additionally, the initial size of the button was revised. This update is apparently already live.

Adjustments for Leo's Episode 1

Leo's first episode also serves as a tutorial for basic gameplay, but since it currently requires too high a level of skill before having gotten used to the game, they have reduced the initial difficulty. This update is already live. Also, once you make it partway through the episode on the road to town, you will receive the “Blaze Formal Dress (Leo)” Equipment, which will allow you to activate his 5-star Mystic Arte.

Updated Gameplay Options

There was a lot of feedback from players that play on tablets that the attack button is difficult to reach, and also that players frequently unintentionally dodge. Therefore, they will be adding new things to the Options menu to help address these issues.

  • Along with "Up/Down”, add new "Left/Right" Options for the Attack Button.
  • Add camera settings "Near" and "Far".
  • Change the default setting of the "Flick" input sensitivity to "Slow".

Automatic Collection of Drop Items

A standard function to attract items near your character will be implemented. In addition, some of the 4-star weapons that players have from the start have an Arte called "Gathering", which attracts items from even farther away.

Changes to Episode Release Timing

The unlock condition for Celia, August, and Alexandra’s episodes 1 will be moved up from clearing Leo ep.1 chapter 4 to clearing chapter 2. This will allow players to experience these characters earlier.

Improvements on Main Menu UI

  • Re-organize the "All" Tab - The "All" tab displays unlocked episodes, acquired equipment, and other items in order of recommendation. The tab is meant to allow players to select items in order from the top without having to think about it much. However, since this is the first screen players see, it can be overwhelming, so they will improve this tab’s display items so that it is easier to parse.
  • Addition of "Summons" Tab - The Summon buttons that are scattered throughout the "All" and "Equipment" tabs will now be gathered in a new “Summons” tab for better understanding.

You can read more about these updates via the official Tales of Luminaria Twitter and the Tales of Luminaria Developer Message #1, linked below:

Source: Tales of Luminaria Official Twitter | Tales of Luminaria Developer Message #1

Tales of Luminaria
Tales of LuminariaTales of Luminaria is an upcoming Tales of Series original title for iOS and Android released November 2021. The game was first announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Unlike the recent Tales mobile games, Luminaria has been reported to have its own original world with only original characters and no previous Tales characters, as well as an English dub. Unfortunately, the game has announced termination of service worldwide on July 19, 2022.

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