Winners of AC's Tales of Caption This! #2! Congratulations DragonSong17 and Norinori!

Finally, after so long, here are the winners of our 2nd Caption This! contest!

First off, apologies for the lateness. Due to my personal schedule and the influx of recent news, it took us longer to come up with the winners. Hopefully it wouldn't be this delayed in the future. For details on the mechanics done in this contest, see our previous post about it.

As a refresher of the mechanics, here's how the contest goes: We gave one screenshot from a Tales game, for this time, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and all you had to do was submit a caption for it. It can be a dialogue of sorts (though not too long, please), a witty comment, a narration - whatever you can think of. I'm sure you guys know how captions work.

The screenshot in question was this:

We chose winners like so: We first gathered all the entries and listed them anonymously. We then individually scored each entry from 1-10, and averaged our total scores for each entry to get the winning scores.

And without further ado, the main winner, who garnered an average of 8 points, and who wins ONE (1) TALES OF SYMPHONIA CHRONICLES COLLECTOR'S EDITION (US Version) and a Pacman Ghost plush toy from Bandai Namco Games America is...


And our second winner, who garnered an average of 6.9 points, and who wins ONE (1) TALES OF SYMPHONIA CHRONICLES COLLECTOR'S EDITION (US Version) from Bamco America is...


Please send us your name, address and contact number for shipping purposes. Thank you!

Congratulations to both our winners and thank you to all who participated! Tune in next time for our next main contest - specifically, for Tales of Xillia 2!

Many thanks to Bandai Namco Games America and @JKartje from Bamco for helping us out with this contest.

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