New ToS-R Trailer + ToDDC Manga Confirmed + New Site Media -phew-

And there's a lot today...First off, the Official ToS-R page has just been updated with character info on Richter Abend and the game's Jump Festa trailer. The trailer features more in-game scenes, the old Tales of Symphonia main characters (except Kratos :), scenes from the opening, and the opening song, Nininsankyaku by misono. Again, links below...

Also, Degenki Maoh has recently confirmed the appearance of a Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut Manga (info courtesy of Ju-da-su from Wings of an Angel :3) in their February 2008 issue. The manga artist for it will beKasukabe Akira. The art looks beautiful in my opinion (and Leon looks hot XD). You can view the art in our gallery HERE.

As for the site media, we have cleaned scans of the fanbooks included in the Volumes 1 and 2 Collector's Editions of Tales of Symphonia the Animation, provided by Friki no Fansub and cleaned by Nagi from WoaA. Thank you very much to her ^^/. Also, MewArrow has just provided the site with the songs Soshite Bokuni Dekiru Koto ~heroic version~, the US ToS Opening, and the Heroic version of the US Opening, all of which can be found in the ToS Audio Page. Thank you very much =).

|| ToS-R Jump Festa Trailer - YouTube | Download
|| ToS OVA Collector's Edition Scans - Gallery | MegaUpload
|| Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut Manga Images

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