New ToV info(not sure if you guys know it already)

I was just checking out the ToV and DoW sites and i discovered some new things (most of which have been posted already). A new stats page for Yuri is up(courtesy of RPG monkey). I'd also like to say i'm truly sorry to the staff and members for still not finishing the ToV and DoW translation, it's just that school has been coming at me like a pile of dogs and i've been rammed with tests since finals are near:( again sorry
anyway here it is

RESSHIN ("violent earthquake")- 4
Evasion 2- 4
Item Throw- 7
Back Step- 3
Recovering (could possibly be Recover Ring as well)- 3
Aerial Combo Plus- 10

Right column from top to bottom:

Evasion- 2
Evasion 3- 6
Good Job- 3
Back Stepper- 5
Efficient- 3
Cancel Plus- 8