New ToV PS3 scan: New Costumes + ToV PS3 Demo Leftover Data

A new scan/pic reveals the the rest of the party(except Karol and Repede)'s beach costumes and more.


Thanks to Kouli for the scan. Estelle's wearing a one piece, as expected, Patty's wearing a sunday hat, Flynn's in a...wet suit? and I don't know how to describe Raven's XD.

These new titles for them are:
Estelle: Refreshing One Piece (?????????, sawayaka wan piisu)
Flynn: Technical Diver (?????????, tekunikaru daibaa)
Raven: The Rumored Summer Man (??????, uwasa no natsu dan)
Patty: The Straw Girl of the Southern Rainbow (?????????, minami no niji no mugiwara shoujo)

Incidentally, the Abyss costume titles for Yuri, Flynn and Estelle are called:
Yuri (Asch Costume): Six-God General - Fresh Blood Swordsman (?????????, roku kami susumu - senketsu no kenshi)
Flynn (Luke Costume): Light of the Sacred Flame (??????, seinaru honoo no hikari)
Estelle (Tear Costume): Seventh Fonist (?????, dai nana onpujutsu)

According to Kouli, There's a new part in Nam Cobanda Isle, The Door of Memories. You can access it for 300 chips. Here, you will encounter strong enemies and re-fight the old bosses, no items or EXP though. I'm not sure how much different this would be compared to the Labyrinth of Memories...

EDIT: Kouli got leftover data from the PS3 version demo, with the English parts also part of the demo... Could this may very well be a hope for localization? :

?????? Gun Support
An inactive ally will occasionally attack with gun from outside the battlefield.

???????? Magic Guard S
Reduce physical damage during Magic Guard.

????? Flash
Nullified all enemy's attack after doing a physical guard. Lasts for 3 sec only.

?????? Flash 2
Nullified all enemy's attack after doing a magic guard. Lasts for 5 sec only.

???? Guardian 2
Changes Crushing Eagle To SouBiRin.


- There is a place named Bandom
- There is an Ex Dungeon (they also have Labyrinth Of Memories)
- Barbos' CutIn
- Yuri's CutIn 2 (not the one with Flynn)
- Flynn's CutIn 2 (not the one with Yuri)
- Gauche and Droite get their own individual CutIn
- Attack Support (Supporter), Lion Heart, Cure Area and other unused skills from 360 version are also in.