Tales of VS. Official Site Updates - 2 New System Videos, Story and Song Info

The Tales of VS. Official Site has been updated with the newly opened Story Section, two new System Videos and information on the opening theme and its artist in the Special Section.

sysvid14 sysvid15
The Story section's design is beautiful. No wonder it took so long to update despite the story being revealed 3 months ago. For the system videos, one focuses on the use ofOverlimit and Overlimit Cross (refer to this post) while the other focuses on the minigame that you can only unlock once you have finished Yggdrasill Story Mode once, Tales of Wallbreaker.

We've already translated this game's story last April. You can find it in this old news post. Nothing new about the game's theme song, but purchasing the single will earn you a code that can unlock some kind of special battle. As for the videos:

sysvid14_2»»» Overlimit Mode
Once the green gauge beneath the TP gauge becomes full, Overlimit Mode can be achieved by pressing the L and R buttons simultaneously. Until the bar goes back to zero again, attacks received from enemies will not make your character stagger.

»»» Overlimit Cross
When in a team, have your controlled character and its partner activate Overlimit at the exact same time in order to trigger an Overlimit Cross. During Overlimit Cross, the limitation (delay) on skill canceling will be gone, there will be 0 casting time, and if a special condition is met, the "Extra Finish" will activate at the end of Overlimit, which is like a combo attack of the two characters with their cutins appearing.

sysvid15_2»»»Tales of Wallbreaker
Basic Rules
No. of Players: 1
In this minigame, you have what is called a "Snap Gauge". You use Snap Skills against your enemy to send them flying to the wall, using up the Snap Gauge when doing so. Destroying the wall on your enemy's side by flinging them against it using Snap Skills is basically the system of this game. Once you have completely obliterated your enemy's wall (by flinging them at it), you win.

After Completing 7 Consecutive Battles Against the CPU
Upon gaining victory against 7 consecutive AI enemies in this game, the next battle will become a time attack battle. And once you complete it, some kind of benefit will be revealed. But what is this benefit?

The Tales of Vesperia PS3 Official Site has also been updated with streaming of the second trailer. Downloads below:

1mbps Mid Quality WMV - MediaFire
500kbps Low Quality WMV - MediaFire
HD 1280x720 MP4 (from Xemnas) - MegaUpload
HQ 704x400 XviD AVI (reencode of Xemnas's HD video) - MediaFire

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