UPDATED: New Trademark "Tales of Luminaria" Filed in Europe, Japan, US and Canada

Is this a new game?

UPDATED: Also filed in Japan, US and Canada. A new Tales trademark has popped up in Europe.

A newly filed trademark by Bandai Namco Entertainment has been making rounds online.

The new trademark, "TALES OF LUMINARIA", has been filed under the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and was filed for video games and related media/hardware.

UPDATED (as of Nov 6, 2020): Tales of Luminaria has now been additionally trademarked in the following regions:

Bandai Namco usually files multiple trademarks for their future titles in the series. They've done this multiple times in the past and some of them have come to fruition such as Tales of HeartsTales of Xillia & Zestiria (the latter via Tales of Zestia), and Tales of Berseria. The latest trademarks have been Tales of Musical and Tales of Tour, with Tales of Tour having been used for a series of Tales-themed tours by Bandai Namco.

Of course, there have been others that haven't gone through, so it's best to take these trademarks with a grain of salt. Luminaria feels odd as a game choice since we already have a "TOL" (Legendia).

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