New Copyrighted Names + New Tales of Mobile Game + Pending Updates

It's a bit late, but this old December 2007 article from reveals that a new Tales of Mobile game will be released sometime this year. The name for it is still unannounced, but the protagonists character art have been revealed. Similar to ToM's Tales of Breaker, Commons, andWahrheit, it will be featuring its own unique storyline. Explorations will be done in dungeons, and if you look closely at the character art, they somewhat seem to be related (lol hairstyle).

Aside from that, Namco has again trademarked the following Tales of names for their future use (MEANING, they won't necessarily do all of the games here, maybe just one, like they did with Vesperia's batch). Source is from this thread from the NeoGAF forums.

#2007-115292 Tales of the Genesis (video game, toy, streaming contents)
#2007-115291 Tales of the Nexus (video game, toy, streaming contents)
#2007-115290 Tales of Hearts (video game, toy, streaming contents)

As for the site, we've just affiliated with FF12 Sector, one of the biggest Final Fantasy 12 fansites out there, with a lot of info, guides, and media~. Don't forget to drop by!

And now, pending site updates ('cause I fail at balancing internet and school ._.):
Tales of Destiny Director's Cut page
Tales of Vesperia page
Tales of Innocence and Symphonia Knight of Ratatosk page updates
Individual Story Line, Battle System, and Ratings and Reviews pages for each Tales game
New "The People Behind..." Pages
New Tales Lyrics (there's a lot, mind you ._.)
Updates for Tales comics (sorry for my epic slowness ._.)
Massive amount of avatars, signatures, and fanarts (actually, they're up in the gallery, but the list hasn't been updated)
ToS OVA screenshots (I fail, I know ._.)
Other Official Art we haven't added yet
New Music Tracks for Download and the JukeBox

This'll be like my personal list. If you see something striked through, then it's done bigsmile.gif.

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