New Version of Tales of Xillia System Trailer Now Up

The official Tales of Xillia site updated today with a new version of the recent System trailer that was shown during Tales of Festival 2011.

[PS3] Tales of Xillia ( ???? ?? ????? ) PV2 System Trailer Version 2
Download: WUpload

We get to see more of Elise in battle, as well as a few new artes from the other characters. There's also a different Long Chat skit at the end of the trailer. In the Long Chat, Alvin and Elise (and Tipo) are commenting how the area is full of bugs, and some might get to Milla's hair. Tipo comments that it's like a cow's tail, and Milla gets annoyed, saying her "charm point" shouldn't be likened to a tail. She then says thather hair was styled by Sylph, for the spirit insisted that Milla's a girl so she should therefore style her hair. Milla comments that if she twirls around fast enough, it can also hit enemies, leaving Alvin surprised that her hair can be used for such. (Translation courtesy of Kurusu from the official Tales of Series Forums.

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