New Tales of Xillia Screenshots of New Key Characters & Star Driver DLC

The Tales of Xillia official site has been widely updated today — there are new screenshots of the new key characters, Nachtigal and Ivar and the StarDriver DLC. Also included are concept artworks of the game boxart and the DLC. 

Nachtigal and Ivar. The official site romanizes their names as such. While we're at it, the siblings are "Klein" and "Drossel". Though that's not on the site, the flash file file names are named as such.

StarDriver DLC. In the screenshots, you'll notice that Milla doesn't have the mask on. It may be that the game will have accessories, similar to Tales of Vesperia.

Above is the group artwork for the game's boxart. I've also included in the renders for Jude and Milla from the site, since they were in very good quality.

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