Next Tales Of Countdown Site Reporting Different Times All Across The Globe

As I post this now, that is the time remaining for the big reveal of the Tales of Series' 15th Anniversary title on my computer screen. Not seeing the same time as mine on the countdown site?

People across the globe have noticed that the countdown site is showing different times from each other. It seems that the countdown timer over at the site is, well, a little bit broken. There are several theories floating around why this is happening. It may be due to timezone differences, while some believe that the countdown timer is relying on your PC's clock to set its own time for this date (December 15). The latter is more plausible I believe, since right now, there should be 15 hours and 30 minutes left for me when I base it on my country's time. But since my PC clock is set to Japan time, it's showing the correct 14 hours and 30 minutes left time.

Whichever the case, the main conclusion among everyone, including some Japanese people whose Twitter posts I've read, is that the site will open at 5:00pm Japan time later today. That is exactly 14 hours and 30 minutes from now, as I post this.

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