Partial Results of the Official Tales of Series Character Popularity Ranking Poll 2021 Now Released!

Did your favorite make it yet?

The rest of the results will be announced during Tales of Festival 2021!

The Official Tales of Series Character Popularity Ranking Poll for 2021 held its voting from October 26 to November 7. The poll is a seasonal official character poll usually held at the Japan Tales portal website, Tales Channel Plus. Voters with a  Tales Channel Plus account were able to vote for their single most favorite character, along with other subcategories to vote in.

The character selection reached up until Tales of Arise (no Tales of Luminaria). In addition, characters appearing in both Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 are considered as just one character. The partial results are below. Note that the "previous rankings" in parentheses are based on the 2017 Character Popularity Ranking poll, since the 2020 one held earlier this year used a sort of different format than the usual overall character ranking and divided it by males and females.

As a reminder, since Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) and Leon Magnus (Tales of Destiny) have been awarded Hall of Fame status last Tales of Festival 2013, they can no longer be voted for in the overall character ranking category. They can still be voted for them in the other categories for human characters, though. Also, characters that appear in both Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 are considered a single character.

Character Overall Popularity Ranking

  • #21: Flynn Scifo - Tales of Vesperia (previously #15)
  • #22: Eizen - Tales of Berseria (previously #5)
  • #23: Guy Cecil - Tales of the Abyss (previously #16)
  • #24: Reala - Tales of Destiny 2 (previously #28)
  • #25: Sync - Tales of the Abyss (previously not ranked)
  • #26: Reid Hershel - Tales of Eternia (previously #27)
  • #27: Edna - Tales of Zestiria (previously #20)
  • #28: Spada Belforma - Tales of Innocence (previously #25)
  • #29: Milla Maxwell - Tales of Xillia/Xillia 2 (previously #19)
  • #30: Veigue Lungberg - Tales of Rebirth (previously not ranked)

Favorite Mascot Character

  • #06: Quickie - Tales of Eternia (previously #7)
  • #07: Teepo - Tales of Xillia (previously #6)
  • #08: Noishe - Tales of Symphonia (previously not ranked)
  • #09: Karia/Karya - Tales of the Rays  (previously not ranked)
  • #10: Zapie - Tales of Rebirth (previously not ranked); Bienfu - Tales of Berseria (previously #5); Corrine - Tales of Symphonia (previously #10)

Character You Would Want to Hold a Winter Party With

  • #04: Lloyd Irving - Tales of Symphonia
  • #05: Rose - Tales of Zestiria

Character You Would Want to Cook at Camp With

  • #04: Velvet Crowe - Tales of Berseria
  • #05: Mikleo - Tales of Zestiria

The rest of the results will be revealed during Tales of Festival 2021, occurring this weekend on November 20 to 21. There's not a single Tales of Arise character in sight of the partial results, so there's a big chance they're higher up.

You can see the results of the previous popularity rankings here.

Source: Tales Channel Plus

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