Radiant Mythology 3 New Info, Images and Videos from Tokyo Game Show '10

With this year's Tokyo Game Show now over, a swarm of new information and videos have scattered around the net. Hopefully this post will summarize it all. Any new info from TGS will just be added to this post in the future.

RM3Vid1 RM3Vid2 RM3Vid3
The videos above were uploaded by some people who went to the event. Save for the first one, which is a very short promotion sequence which showcases Guy's, Eugene's and Estelle's Hi-Ougi cut-ins, the videos are all of gameplay.

The following info is from Nore's blog:
* The game is currently at 45% of its development.
* Radiant Drive is activated by pressing L plus the square button.
* A new class is the Gunman Class. Moves similarly to Iria Animi from Tales of Innocence. At some point, the class's artes are also similar to Iria's.
* Asbel's Norma nickname is "Belbel".

Lastly, the following are screen shots from RM3's pre-open site, hosted by the Tales Community. Since the 9th, they've been updating the page with a new game screen shot everyday. The following are the only ones I managed to get, as I believe I missed a few days. Here, we see Norma and Chloe's new skit faces. The site requires membership to the Tales Community in order to access the screen shots.

RM31 RM33 RM34 RM35
RM36 RM37 RM38 RM39

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