53 New Screen Shots of Tales of Graces f - More on The Story & Blast Calibers

A total of 53 new screen shots of Tales of Graces f have surfaced, containing scenes from the post-ending arc's plot and images of Asbel's and Sophie's new Blast Calibers.

Main plot of the post-ending arc:
Story Screen 1 Story Screen 2 Story Screen 3 Story Screen 4
It is six months after the events of the main game. With Lord Aston's death, the responsibility of being the Feudal Lord of Lhant has been passed on to Asbel. Everyday has been a bustling busy life for the young man.

One day, Asbel receives a letter from Richard, informing him that the monsters Lambda have called forth before have been wreaking havoc in various regions of the world, and asks his help in eradicating them. Including Cheria, Hubert who was still assigned in Strata, Malik and Pascal who were currently in Fendel and Sophie, the old comrades who now reside scattered throughout the world of Efinea join arms once again. With love and strong will within their chests, the new story unfolds...

Asbel and Sophie's new Blast Calibers:
Story Screen 5 Story Screen 6 Story Screen 7 Story Screen 8
The new screen shots also show new scenes from Asbel's Tenhajin Raidanand Sophie's Shadow Moment. Sophie's new cut-in is also shown in one shot, but it seems even with her new costume, her cut-in retains her old one. We also see Sophie sporting weapons with the designs of Swordian Dymlos and Swordian Atwight from Tales of Destiny.

New artes for Sophie also revealed, namely ???????? (Slash Rose) and????????? (rinkaaneeshon, Linkernation? Reincarnation? "Reincarnation" should be like this though: ?????????? [riinkaaneeshon].).

The HQ artwork for Sophie's new costume has also been uploaded here.

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