New Tales of Graces f Scans - Reversible Packaging & Character Attachments

Also from 2ch, two new magazine scans for Tales of Graces F.

ToGfNewScan1 ToGfNewScan2
To solve that little mystery on having two potential box illustrations for the game, the first scan reveals that the game will be having reversible packaging. This means you can choose between the art here and the one in the promotional poster here and interchange them to your liking. Also on the first page is info about Little Queen and how she appears before Sophie and such.

The second scan first focuses on some subevents with the characters. All these subevents will be fully voiced. Also, aside from the costumes, the Attachments Feature (originally from Tales of Vesperia) will also be in ToG-f. This explains the little Sophie doll attached to Hubert's arm in one of the TGS trailers. We have new cards for the Karta game, and just to point out, Pascal's new Blast Caliber, Dream Strikers, has this adorable Asbel robot blasting missiles at the enemy.

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