(UPDATED) Tales of ARISE Mystic Artes Sneak Peek and More Character and World Information

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A video showcasing the Mystic Artes of Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, and Law have been released, along with more information on these characters and the game's world so far. Updated with official English information (06/09/2021).

This article has been updated with official English information from Bandai Namco SEA's press release on June 9, 2021. 

A new video featuring what seems to be the first Mystic Artes for Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, and Law has been released in Japan. Check it out below:

Mystic Artes

One issue that's been floating around regarding the Mystic Artes is that it seems they do not utilize the traditional Mystic Arte cut-ins artworks. Whether this is intentional as to not show them yet, or if the game really will make do without them entirely, we don't know yet. It's too early to say so for now.

The introduced Mystic Artes are below. Activation conditions and more Mystic Artes will apparently be available and be shown in future updates. Localized terms as per Bandai Namco SEA's press release are in parentheses:

  • Alphen - 緋炎衝・開 (Scarlet Inferno)
  • Shionne -  アドレビートオムニア (Consuming Wildfire)
  • Rinwell - 白薙・神鳴 (Aquarius Damnation)
  • Law - 迅雷狼影脚 (Lightning Reflexes Tenebrous Claw)


The artes in the game will apparently be divided into Ground Attacks and Aerial Attacks. Three of each can be set up, and by using various button combinations, three more techniques for each can be set up, bringing the total to 12 techniques. The game's battle system will be further expanded via a future update, which will include the new Boost Attacks.

In addition, more information and screenshots regarding the characters as well as the game's world were also released. Check them out below.



A young man who wields the Blazing Sword in rebellion.

A young man who woke up one day with no memories and with a mysterious mask on his face. Despite having no memories, the daily scene of seeing his fellow Dahnans collapse from their suffering and the Renans mocking them was enough to build this burning resentment within him. Having obtained the Blazing Sword from Shionne, Alphen tries to take hold of his fredom by attempting to overthrow the various regions' governing lords and destroy the walls dividing the lands.


A mysterious woman being pursued by the Renans

Despite being a Renan, she first encounters Alphen while being pursued by Renan soldiers. She supports Alphen not only in battle but also by healing using her Astral Energy. Balseph, the lord of Calaglia, labels her a traitor. Why was she being chased down by Renans? And in this land where Renans and Dahnans don't even get along, just what is her purpose in Dahna?


Descendant of an oppressed clan, living in hiding

Rinwell's people were once called "Mages," mainly because they were Dahnans, but could utilize Astral Energy - something only Renans should be able to wield. Because of this, her people have been living in hiding not only from Renans, but also their fellow Dahnans. Having heard of the Blazing Sword, Rinwell meets up with Alphen and Shionne in hopes of gaining help in liberating Cyslodia. She is however, very hostile towards Renans, and has difficulty getting along with Shionne because she is a Renan during their journey.


A young man who betrayed his brethren and became the Renan's pawn

Despite being a Dahnan, Law is a member of the Renan police force "Snake Eyes," ensuring stability of the planet's reign. He confronts and restrains Alphen and the others once they arrive in Cyslodia, labeling them as disruptors. Why did he betray Dahna and capture his brethren for the sake of Lena? What is it that lies in his past that oftentimes causes him to be filled with anguish?

The worlds of Dahna and Rena

The planet Dahna was once a rich world filled with nature. 300 years ago, it was suddenly invaded by Rena, the neighboring planet, and its peace abruptly ended. The Renans destroyed the culture and lives of its people, taking over control of the planet. Astral Energy, said to reside in all things in Dahna, is also being farmed away by the Renans, causing dramatic changes in the planet's climate.

The powerful planet Rena, once said to be home to the gods and where the dead will end up to rest, forced the inhabitants of Dahna to submit before its advanced technologies, soldiers and demons. Dahna's land was then divided by walls built by the Renans, with each division ruled by a representative Renan lord. Alphen and the others will set off on a journey to overthrow these lords and destroy the walls separating the regions in order to liberate Dahna.


Known as a city of eternal flame and ashes, filled with fire Astral Energy. Dahnans living here are forced into slave labor to harvest fire Astral Energy, with cores embedded in their arms and are called the "Embedded". The Renans, on the other hand, whose eyes glow whenever they used Astral Artes, were mockingly called "Bright Eyes" by the Dahnans.


The land of brilliance which shines with artificial light made possible by the effort of Dahnan slaves. The secret police group Snake Eyes are mainly here, tipping off and capturing rebels to strengthen Rena's rule. The Dahnans living here have become afraid of telling tales, as they cannot challenge Rena’s rule. This is where Alphen and the others encounter Law.


Amongst the Dahnans are various groups of people in each region who rebel against the Renans. They attempt to work with Alphen, who now wields the Blazing Sword. The problem with the resistance organizations is that their actions worsen the oppression from the Renans, hence not all Dahnans agree with their methods.


(ジルファ, jirufa. Official localized spelling Zephyr) A man who groups together the resistance group "Crimson Crows." He has a calm view of any situation, the brains to lead his members, excellent fighting skills and the absolute trust of his members. He works with Alphen and Shionne to take down Balseph. Check out his full model here.

Source: 4Gamer, Bandai Namco SEA

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