Tales of Innocence R - Special Gameplay Video & School Costumes

The Tales of Innocence R official site has released a special gameplay video featuring arena battles, in-game anime cutscenes and casual gameplay. A new set of school costumes will also be available starting February 2nd.Here's the special gameplay video. You'll get to see one of the game's in-game animated cutscenes here, the usage of the Sorcerer's Ring, Milla's Mystic Arte and a funny little prank by Hermana:

The next set of DLC costumes features a school theme to be released thisFebruary 2, 2012. Just like the Tales and IdolMaster 2 costumes, the costumes will be available for a discounted price at 250 Yen until March 31st. After that, the costumes will be sold for their standard price at 300 Yen. Screenshots have been added.

There will also be a new hair attachment set to be sold starting February 2nd for 100 Yen, where the characters will have strands of their hair standing up.

Also, to those who want the cheaper Asian Version of Tales of Innocence R, it's back up again in Play-Asia, but this time with a January 31st release.

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