Tales of Asteria New Chapter Round-Up

Rounding up information on Tales of Asteria's newest chapter that has occurred over the week.

The newest chapter for Tales of Asteria entitled, "The Saviour of Light & Darkness", is now available. We've had a new PV released a week ago featuring new anime scenes, reveals Asbel as a new route character, new anime cutscenes, and a new theme song by CREME entitled "Eternally". Check out the PV here:

Tales of Asteria "The Saviour of Light & Darkness" Chapter PV


4Gamer has also posted an article of the new chapter with new cover art, screenshots, a new kitty dispatch, a free ?4 Kannono for logging into the new chapter and its prologue.

Based on what I used to translate (in other words, don't take this as accurate.), it seems as though Auj Oule & Windor were at large-scale war until they were brought to peace, but one "accident" caused a young man to go on an adventure to protect his friends and family.

We also have two.... Interesting TV commercials advertising the app. Basically, people on the street have the voices of various Tales characters. Check them out here:

Tales of Asteria TV Commercials - no longer available.

Tales of Asteria is available on the Japanese iTunes & Google Play store.