Tales of Graces f New High School Costumes and IdolM@ster Costumes Return*

A new scan has been leaked today, revealing a new set of costumes for the Tales of Graces f main characters... their very own high school costumes!
ToGF HS CostumesThe school themed costumes feature a unique one for each character, all donning student outfits (except for Malik who has a professor's costume). Asbel's is Nowadays Senior High Schooler, Sophie's is Middle School's Mascot, Cheria's is School's Madonna (the same title they gave for Estelle's school costume in Tales of Vesperia PS3), Hubert's is roughly translated as Good Work Disciplinary Committee Member, Malik's is Sexy Teacher (embarrest.gif), Pascal's is Troublesome Senpai/Upperclassman and Richard's is Celebrity Bouchama.

The scan also states that the previous IdolM@ster costumes Sophie, Cheria and Pascal had in the Wii version will also be available as DLC in the PS3 version. New bunny ears attachments are also announced in the scan.

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