Tales of Graces f Gets Impressive Review Scores From Famitsu and Dengeki

Early review scores for Tales of Graces f are in, and they are looking mighty impressive.

First off, we have Famitsu main, giving the game a 37/40 (10/9/9/9), a score higher than any other Tales game got from them.

Next up is Dengeki PlayStation who gave it an OK score of 85, 85, 90 and 80. They did give good comments about it though, saying that the battle system is "excellent", there's so much more volume compared to the Wii version, it has a lot in store in terms of replay value, and loading times are close to null. The game will take 60 hours to complete along with the post-ending arc, they said.

Dengeki Games also gave it good scores, with a 95, 90, 95 and 90.

For those who want the game, pre-orders are still open!.

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