Tales of Graces f Second Commercial Released, Plus New Scan and Calendars

First off, apologies for the sudden downtime of AC. We had problems with our hosting service regarding some files we kept in the domain, but rest assured the problem has been solved (a detailed report of the problem can be found in the forums).
Now for the news overhaul. First off is the news for Tales of Graces f. The second commercial for the game has been released. You can view it here.
Tales of Geass FNext up is a scan from NewType, featuring Asbel, Sophie, Richard and Cheria in their Code Geass R2: Lelouch of the Rebellion. On the scan is beautiful new artwork of the characters in the costumes. We're currently unsure if the art will be used in game or just in this magazine for promotional purposed, but we're positive it is the latter. Hopefully a high quality scan will be available soon.

ToG-F CalendarIn celebration of ToG-f's upcoming release, calendars featuring the game will be for sale on December 24th, with preorders available since December 14th from Lawson.jp. Animate will also have it available sometime mid December. There will be two types of the calendar, both featuring new artwork by Production I.G: One will be a desktop calendar, which doubles as a notebook, available for 2000 Yen; the other will be a wall calendar, available for 2500 Yen. You can view samples of it from Famitsu's article.

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