Some Galleries Updated + About the 10th Anniversary OST

If you'll notice the FanArt Gallery of the Gallery, you'll notice that they've been updated with a WHOLE BUNCH of new stuff from existing contributors, plus new contributors. I've yet to edit the actual Fanart, Avatars, Wallpapers and Signatures pages, but you can just visit that for now if you want to view them. To note, we also have a bunch of pending fanfictions to be added. Please forgive my slowness.

Now, about the 10th Anniversary Soundtrack that comes with the LE version of Vesperia, we want your opinions. Should we host them up here? Now before you go "YES!" please consider this first. The majority of soundtracks we have up in the site are Japan only, that's why we put them up, to give our visitors access to them. BUT the 10th Anniversary OST is something available in the US, and something Namdai US themselves have arranged. Wouldn't it be bad to put it up?

And lastly (to those interested), it looks like the official community for the upcoming PS3 version of Eternal Sonata is now open. Endless Nocturne has the same mechanics as our well known Tales Brigade, only, well, it's promoting Eternal Sonata XD. If you're a fan of ES, please do join, and add me as a friend as well. My name there is a745, like always. Please comment if you've added me or something, I want to know how many ES fans lurk among the Tales fans.

And the banner thingy below each post? That's for the tokunaga giveaway number 6 on TB. I'll take it off once the week's done. (Refresh the page, it changes~)

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