Tales of Hearts Delayed + Mabo Curry In Real Life O_O!

So, if you'll go to Tales Channel now, you'll see that they've made an announcement of delaying Tales of Hearts' release date. The release date will now be on December 18, 2008. That's a one week delay from the original 11th of December date.

And from this special IGN article, Namdai and Japanese convenience store chain Circle K Sunkus will start selling real-life versions of our favorite Mabo Curry~. It will start selling in Japan nationwide on December 9th, and will be sold for only two weeks, with a bowl costing 500 Yen each. They actually tried to come up with the proper taste and texture as in the game (although I have no idea how the heck that's supposed to be XD). Those who buy also get a chance to have a Hearts themed frame with an SD card containing a slideshow of images from the game.

Yes... Mabo Curry :3.

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