RM2 and Tales Festival Updates~

They've updated the Radiant Mythology 2 site with gameplay videos forFujibayashi Suzu (ToP), Keele Zeibel (ToE) and Chloe Valens (ToL). Unfortunately, ALL videos do not have Hi-Ougis. They also added one more video to the Systems section. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to upload them to YouTube at the moment, as I am studying right now as I make this post, AND YouTube's being such an *** to me right now, giving me a stupid "Video No Longer Available" error for every single video I try to view, hence I don't know if a video would have been uploaded or not (SOMEONE HELP ME T___T).

Character Video 8
System Video 7

For the Tales of Festival, they will be releasing a 2-disc DVD of the recent event. It will be released January 23, 2009 at the price of 6,090 Yen (roughly $63). Sadly, it will not feature the mini-concert DEEN held during the event, and the advanced screening of the Tales of the Abyss anime isn't included as well. Well...

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