Tales of Innocence R: Past Lives DLC Costumes And 50k Sales In Its First Week

Ruca and party get to dress up as their past selves in this new batch of DLC costumes. Also, Tales of Innocence R sold 50,000+ units in its first week.

UPDATE: A video of Ange's 2nd Mystic Arte is now up.

The costumes feature everyone wearing costumes fashioned after their past lives, with the exception of Kongwai and QQ who do not have past lives, but are wearing costumes of people from the past anyway:

Ruca - Asras
Iria - Inanna
Spada - Durandal
Ange - Orifiel
Ricardo - Hypnos
Hermana - Vritra
Kongwai - Himmel
QQ - Sakuya

The costumes will be released on February 9, 2012. Like the other DLC costumes, it will be sold for a discounted price of 250 Yen each until March 31st, wherein it'll be sold for the regular 300 Yen price.

In other news, Tales of Innocence R ranked 3rd in this week's Media Create sales rankings, selling a total of 54,853. I believe sales through downloads aren't considered in these rankings, though. It's a pretty good number for a Vita game.

Tales of Innocence R is still available on Play-Asia: Japan Version | Asia Version

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