Namco Bandai Planning More "Re-Imaginations" For The Tales of Series?

Today marks the release of Tales of Innocence R for the PlayStation Vita, a remake, or more specifically, a "re-imagination" of the previous title originally for the Nintendo DS.  And as you know, the Japanese move fast. Some players have already finished their game. At the very ending of the game, this message shows up:

Basically, it seems Namco Bandai is hinting at another "Re-Imagination" of a previously released Tales game. The currently plausible ones include Tales of the Tempest and Tales of Hearts, whose heroes both show up in the Tales of Innocence R Adventure Drama (pre-order bonus) demandingan adventure in the PSVita as well. How about you guys? What Tales of game would you like to see a "re-imagination" of?

Also, to those who want the cheaper Asian Version of Tales of Innocence R, it's back up again in Play-Asia, but this time with a January 31st release. And if I'm recalling correctly... it also got a price increase. Typical.

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