Tales of Innocence + Site Media Update + New Affiliate ^_^/ (Post Updated)

Check out the new videos down the news post. Yes, ToI refuses to give me a holiday off of the site >_> -rambleson-

Thanks to happip from the Tales Forums, we have 5 new magazine scans about Tales of Innocence courtesy of Jeux-France~!

As usual, the scans contain basic info on the game's system which we've already told you about the past few days/weeks/months. The only things to pay attention to is that there's a screenshot showing Asura (the big black guy with the white hair and the horns) being controlled by the player. Itmay mean that Asura is playable. It seems closely related to the storyline, if you guys have read the ToI manga (CLICK HERE FOR THE MANGA). Also, it seems that the game will also have a "Friendship/Affection System" similar to Tales of Symphonia.

Aside from that, ToI has also been rated by Famitsu (CLICK HERE), with a9/9/9/8, giving it a score of 35/40. This makes ToI the second highest Tales game rated by Famitsu, just behind Tales of the Abyss. And according to steven_mj, the review by Famitsu came like this:
- 3D graphics work well.
- The story can get absorbing.
- The cast of characters are all enjoyable.
- Could have turned out even better if some aspects were more in depth/explained better.
- Some bits may be tough for newcomers.
- Character customization is flexible and there's depth.
- Battle gives you more freedom than ever.
- Lots of systems/sub-systems to exploit.

Seems like ToI is looking to be one of the best Tales games to come out~

EDIT: New PVs of the game are up on YouTube ^_^/ They showcase more of the game's story, and more of the graphics!

† The New Trailer/PV -YouTube / Download
† The Trailer/PV for Shops -YouTube / Download

As for media updates, Danette Sheron has again contributed to the site with the Starry Heavens - Heroic Version, which is an instrumental version of the song. Many thanks ^_^/

Lastly, we have a new affiliate, Never Ending Stories, a Swedish Tales forum, run by Moontoon. Come and visit~!

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