Tales of Innocence Updates: Staff Voice + Ending Song

It seems that the ToI staff intends to update the Staff Voice page everyday. If the things they post there are of little importance, we may not bother update the site about it >.>...

Another update has been made over at the Staff Voice page of the official homepage of Tales of Innocence. This time, Inagaki-san (the Director of the game) graces us with his presence. He talks about how busy he is with the little troublesome changes in the game, such as additional changes with the game's interface design, the subcharacters' design, the PV production, etc. According to him, they usually wouldn't reveal such troublesome things to the fans, but they feel as if they can let the fans relate more on the game.

As for the ending song of the game, say goodbye & good day, we just had our hands on the full version of it (around 6 minutes long). The said full version of the song has just been added to the Tales of JukeBox, and as well as the Tales of Innocence Audio Download Page.

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