Tales of The Heroes: Twin Brave Confirmed - Will Have Tales Characters Up To Xillia

There really isn't much point in having countdowns when magazines will reveal game information before they end. Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave for the PlayStation Portable has been officially confirmed via a magazine scan leak. UPDATE (9/15/2011): Full scan added.


So what's there to expect from this game? Twin Brave allows the player to control one character and have another for support. All characters will have Hi-Ougis/Mystic Artes, and the game will feature characters beginning from Tales of Phantasia up to Tales of Xillia. It will apparently be Dynasty Warriors-like game with an expected release of 2012.

So far, the confirmed characters include Yuri LowellFlynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia), Jude MathisMilla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia), Lloyd Irvingand Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia).

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