New Tales of Innocence R Scan - New Character, What "R" Means

Tales of Innocence R, a complete "re-imagination" of this previous DS title, will be featuring a new character into its story. UPDATE (9/15/2011): Full scan added.


The girl is named Kyukyu Seretsunewa ( ??????????, kyukyu seretsunewa, romanization not official... I don't even have the slightest clue on how to romanize that) and will be voiced by Saki Fujita. She passionately refers to herself as an archaeologist.

So, what exactly does "R" mean? It's not "remake" like most of us thought, but "re-imagination", according to the game producers. It will be a complete reconstruction of the game's theme (story theme), battles and system. According to them, the game's scenario will be redone from its very beginning, its battle system improved (if not remade), and there will also be a new opening movie. (TGS 2011 page for ToI-R)

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