Two New Trailers for Tales of Hearts!

Two new trailers have been put up over at the Official Tales of Hearts Site, featuring a CG Version and an Anime Version. It's quite similar to the first trailer, only this time it shows a few new scenes, and some new characters.

Anime Version Trailer CG Version Trailer
Click on the thumbnails above to view them via AC's YouTube channel. Downloads of the trailer will be available tomorrow (along with ToV's OST... hopefully >_<).

Also, some new info on the game's system, translated by Rpgmonkey from the Tales Forums:

-Soma Build and Soma Evolve:
A system where you can change your Soma's growth. Through performing Soma Build you can acquire various things like spells ans skills called "Soma Skills".

Repeating this process causes the Soma to change, in a process called "Soma Evolve", where you can prepare it into many patterns and forms.

-Soma Link and Soma Link value:
Often among the characters, events occur with a chance for you to connect hearts (Soma Link). Through good will, this emotional value changes the characters connection into a numerical value. If the Soma Link value is high, the character can acquire other special skills. Might be obvious, but this means there are various outcomes to the conversations in the scenario. (a745:... Ar tonelico...??)

-Spir Link and Spir Maze:
Through using Soma, you can go into one's heart, called a "Spir Link". Int he person's mind it is like a labyrinth, called a "Spir Maze". Besides things in the scenario, you can also go into the Spir Maze of NPCs.

-There's multiplayer, and you can get rare items and stuff in the Spir Mazes.

Also, Play-Asia has put up pre-orders for both the CG and Anime versions of the game. They're selling it for $59.90 each.

|| Anime Edition
|| CG Version Edition

Just a reminder, Tales of Hearts comes out on December 11 of this year! So (assuming you'll get it), which version are you planning to get? Tell us here ^__^/. If not, which version do you guys think will be more popular?

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