Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of VS. Information from Dengeki

Dengeki updated their site with mostly information that was already revealed for Tales or Vesperia PS3 and more information for Tales of VS.

For Tales of Vesperia PS3, it basically explains that Flynn would be joining a lot... which we already know. He can be set as the world map character. And, the Sword Dancer's form "parallels to the scenario of the party member". There are also higher quality screenshots of the party's new artes. I don't understand Japanese so most translations came from BebelFish (Thanks, SV, for showing this)

From what I can get for Tales of VS., Different Modes are explained. Thebox-art that RyuHiroshi found is also confirmed.Character information of the following are revealed(to be translated later): Nanaly, Leon, Philia, Cless and Arche

Communication Battle
Up to 4 players are allowed. You can gain Grade Points from these battles too.

Arcade Mode
Successive battles against CPU. I think it says that fighting the CPUs can make you stronger, so you can also practice in this mode

You can choose the Stage and your opponent freely. Technically, what every training mode in other games are like.

Edit Mode
Here, you can customize the character in detail.(Changing the equips, AI settings, Allocating GP to a character in order to acquire artes, etc...)

It is explained that earning GP after a battle and allocating GPs are different. Here, Colette learned a new arte through aquiring GP while here, Yuri's stats are raised by allocating GP. From the screenshots, I guess it's safe to say that Lloyd and Colette are confirmed.

Pre-ordering VS. will get you a Special DVD with Mieu as the disc's cover <3 (Though I think they said that the art is still temporary)

Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of VS. images from Dengeki are uploaded in the gallery.