Two New Tales of VS. Character Videos + Updated Screenshots and New Art

The Tales of VS. Official Sitehas just been updated with character videos of Stan/Stahn Aileron and Mighty Kongman/Bruiser Khang.

stan kongman

stan artkongman artHraesvelgrIn the videos, Stan performs his ????? (Kouou Tenshouyoku) while Kongman performs his ???????? (Tres Bien Hip). Click the thumbnails above to view them in our YouTube channel, again available in HQ. Their character arts from the site have also been uploaded to the gallery.

I am currently looking through what LaZy updated yesterday about (the info from Dengeki). In the meantime, I have replaced all the Dengeki screenshots with better ones that have no watermark. The Tales of Vesperia PS3 screenshots have been replaced with HD ones, and we have new high quality character arts:

ToVS Chara art

Please check back on this post for new info on the characters. I'm just translating them right now. Oh yeah, and I'm back now ^_^.

EDIT: Here are the new character info. Also, seeing as how the ToP and ToS localizations translated "??????" (ooinaru minori) as the "Great Seed", it would be better to refer to the Great Harvest as Great Seed from now on (though they still mean the same in the Japanese sense).

VA: Aya Hisakawa
"Oh, I'm no one's ally."
A female freelance warrior from the Free City Union (Dyne). She is currently just going along with her employer's ideas, but it seems like she has no other goals in mind. She is usually flying around in Dailantia with her partner, Baul.

rucaRuca Milda
VA: Akiko Kimura
"It's wrong to keep on doing this!"
A young boy who resides in the Free City Union. Every night, he sees a mysterious dream, and suddenly, he has awoken to his powers to fight. Thinking that the meaning of his dream can be found somewhere in the world, he sets off on a journey. Though his personality is that of a cowardly boy, his skills with the broadsword are not to be underestimated.

VA: Chihiro Suzuki
"Bastards like you... I completely find annoying!"
The strongest swordsman raised in the New Empire, Nidhogg to join the Yggdrasill Battle mainly for supremacy. He was never around in the previous fights, and his existence was only recently publicly announced by the government. Just what is their intention?

jadeJade Curtiss
VA: Takehito Koyasu
"All people who wear glasses aren't bad people, though."
A Colonel from the New Empire's military. His duty is to join the battles in order to take back the Grear Seed for the New Empire. Before becoming a soldier of the military, Jade was known and praised for his many achievements in his research. Behind that success however lies a so-called dangerous and forbidden technology.

VA: Akeno Watanabe
"Ahh, you're underestimating me, aren't you, Mister?!"
A cigrus from the Free City Union. He also participated in the battles three years ago, exhibiting skills that do not fit his childish appearance. An incident in last year's tournament separated him from a "partner" of his, so he now joins the battles again in order to find the said partner.

nanalyNanaly Fletch
VA: Yumi Kakazu (Nanaly's VS. seiyuu is different from her ToD2 seiyuu, who is Tomoko Kawakami)
"I won't show mercy to such a half-hearted resolution!"
A female warrior from the Knight Nation Hraesvelgr who is entrusted to guard a research facility. Though she has the personality of a strong and spirited person, she finds trouble in showing herself as a more feminine woman. She spends time in really thinking about and helping out in the problems of her accomplices.

leonLion/Leon Magnus
VA: Hikaru Midorikawa
"If you want to be acknowledged, win."
Leader of the second platoon of knights from the Knight Nation. His calm and cool attitude can be easily broken. He is considered a genius with the sword, and is unmatched in both sword fighting and his good looks (OK Namdai, WHAT). He joined the battles for the prosperity of his nation. He seems to know why Stan, a previous leader of one of the knight platoons, left.

philiaPhilia Philis/Felice
VA: Kikoku Inoue
"The Great Seed is very vital to us!"
A young priestess from the Knight Nation who is researching about the world tree. She is a very gentle person who is very faithful to God and upholds all religious rules. She has this regularity of showing love and charity for her fellow people. Though when it comes to giving the blessing of the Great Seed to her nation, her gentle demeanor may sometimes be gone.

clessCless Alvein
VA: Takeshi Kusao
"There's no way we'd fall now!"
A young knight representing the Sacred Kingdom of Heidr. He was a participant of the Yggdrasill Battle three years ago, and was even able to fight in the finals. He lost something important to him due to an incident three years ago, and he once again becomes a cigrus to take it back. Foreseeing a fight with a mighty enemy, he invited Kratos to be a cigrus.

archeArche Klaine
VA: Mika Kanai
"Darn it! Why do men feel the need to fight right away?!"
A young mage living in an island of spirits near the roots of the world tree, watching over it. She is originally from the Sacred Kingdom, and is a childhood friend of Cless's. She finds her everyday life boring because people rarely visit the island. Her magic skills are considered top notch, and she is the type who will "do something once she can do it".

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